Nepal Mountain Biking


We indeed claim that there is no better place to discover the great outdoors adventure than Nepal. Our multi-adventure and active tours allow you to choose your level of activities, from biking and hiking on the Himalayas, in foothills, alpine to tropical wildlife adventures, is not only that such as rafting, hiking, canyoning, paragliding, and other more adventurous pursuits.

We are mainly focused on biking and hiking activities but we are very much open to adding other outdoor activities to combine in our packages to make more fun in your holiday in Nepal. On our multi-adventure holidays, we provide all the equipment and orientation for each activity, along with fully qualified guides. if you are looking for one package with different activities, adventure, and exhilaration, with different experiences to challenge mind and body each day, then our multi-adventure holidays maybe just for you.

The first phase of this trip begins with hiking followed by biking for some days and rafting at the end of the trip which is even more fun. Our multi-adventure trip is not only limited to two-three activities, further Jungle safari, paragliding, hunting tours, bird watching, motorbike and jeep tours, Bungee Jumping, zip flyer, Heli tours, mountain flights, Altra lights, and horseback riding can be organized.

Designed for all levels of adventure with optional activities, you can tailor your ideal trip to your level of fitness and budget. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you choose camping or hotel-based tours, you have everything you need to enjoy the multi-adventure tours. If you are keen to experience an awesome adventure, send us an email and we will tailor the trip as per your interest and plan.