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Nepal, the land of mystic highlands holds eight of the world’s ten highest mountains including the top of the world Mt. Everest. This incredible country of diverse landscapes, culture, and nature offers an amazing experience that you cannot expect elsewhere. Since tourism started to take place in Nepal around the late 1950s, people from around the world knew that Nepal exists on this planet.

In recent decades Nepal has become a fascinating destination for travelers, especially for outdoor lovers and also for scholars and researchers. Nepal has so much to offer from many different perspectives such as history, culture, religion, outdoor adventures, architecture, wildlife, and mountaineering. Kathmandu valley itself has seven world heritage architectural monuments and is a cultural hub of Nepal that holds several religious traditions. Eastern, mid-eastern, western, midwestern, and far west regions of Nepal, each of them has a different attraction, culture, tradition, national park, mountain, religion, and the Himalayas that is more than enough to satisfy your thirst for adventure and exploration.

We have itineraries and packages to offer sightseeing tours in Kathmandu valley and all over Nepal. This tour can be operated either by Private vehicle, bus, flight, helicopter, motorbike, or bicycles in any region of Nepal. The sightseeing tours encompass all the major sites of natural, cultural, and adventure places, such as monuments, lakes, villages, national parks, religious sites, and mountain views.

Our team of professionals can take you to every nook and corner of Nepal. We can cater the program according to your interest, wish, and budget. Whether you like to explore regular or deep into the rural country sites feel free to drop an email and we will try our best to address your interest.