Nepal Mountain Biking

Terms and Conditions

We at Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures try our best to be a customer-friendly company rather than a tie-up with many terms and conditions. We believe in common senses and work out based on our moral and ethical way to deal with. So, we do our best to make our services customer-friendly as far as possible. Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures is the best, trustworthy, reliable, and responsible mountain biking and outdoor adventure tours Operator Company registered in the tourism ministry under the Government of Nepal.  Our passionate, humble, honest, and dedicated team is always happy to offer the best possible services to our guests.  We are here with a vision to make quality tourism in Nepal with honesty, integrity, and sustainability. We are persistent in keeping the effort to make our service better and better on each and every trip. Our customer’s safety, fun, and satisfaction are our first concerns.

Please check out our terms and conditions before booking your holiday with us. We would require you to send us the following documents.

  • Scanned copy of your valid passport.
  • Passport size recent picture.                                                                

Terms and conditions

We believe that you have enjoyed all the information provided on our website; we are very much delighted that you have decided to join one of our trips. You can book your trip with us in many ways such as email, WhatsApp, telephone, online through the website. Kindly drop us an email to make sure that there is a space available for a fixed departure trip or to make a private and customized trip for you. Whichever mode of booking you choose, you must complete a booking form and then send this to Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure, along with the appropriate deposit payment. We humbly request you read the terms and conditions before booking the trip.

Mountain Biking

You accept that mountain biking can be hazardous and there are possibilities that can involve the risk of injury or even death. It can also involve periods of discomfort. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your actions. We as a company (Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure) and its team accept no responsibility for injury, death, or damage to personal equipment resulting from your participation. You must ride with your ability and control at all times. Please consider the effects your actions have on other trail users, including non-cyclists.

You agree to follow any instructions given to you by your leader, instructor, or guide and accept that anybody not doing so, or anybody acting in a way that could be dangerous to themselves or the rest of the group, may be asked to leave the activity with no refund from Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

Unless a bike rental has been arranged by Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure, it’s your responsibility to make sure your bike is in good and safe working order. You must tell your guide or instructor about any problems with your bike as soon as they occur. We reserve the right to prevent you from riding with us if your bike is not rideable. However, we will try our best to find other possible solutions.

Our Guides and crew

All our guides are local riders, highly qualified, caring, customer-friendly, recognized, and certified by the government of Nepal, MBC UK, and the local provincial government. Our guide, driver, and other crew members are professional in their discipline, humble and knowledgeable in their field.

Bike rentals

Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures offers bike rentals from entry-level to high-end Mountain bikes of Trek, Giant, and Scott. You can enquire regarding your bike size and requirements as per your interest. We (PMTBA) are responsible for providing bikes in safe and finely working condition. After you have received the bike, it will be completely your responsibility to cover the cost of any potential damages or theft as our bikes are not insured. We accept that there will be reasonable wear and tear on these bikes while on a tour with us. However, we are not responsible for any accidental damage to hired bikes and you will be liable for any damages, loss, or theft.

Clothing and equipment

We recommend bringing suitable clothing for the different seasons and temperatures based on the weather in the mountains. The rider must wear a bike helmet, gloves, riding glasses, and protection based on the trip and holiday you booked. You must have spares (in case you bring your own bike) that you may require during the trip. Please ask for the equipment and clothing checklist for the holiday. PMTBA has some spare parts in the store and if any parts are used from our store during the trip, the client should bear the cost of the parts used.

Confirm your booking 

Please write us an email and send it along with the completely filled booking form. We will confirm your booking after receiving the form by email. We would request you to send the scanned copy of your passport and passport size photo for the conservation area permit.

 Late Booking

Please write us an email and send it along with the completely filled booking form. We will confirm your booking after receiving the form by email. We request you to send the scanned copy of your passport and passport size photo for the conservation area permit. We are open to last-hour bookings, if space is available, and you can book the trip in a short time. Please enquire about the space availability, customized and Private trip, and further information. We will take no extra charge for the late booking, rather, there might be a discount if we can reduce the logistics and costs as long as we can handle the trip in a well-organized manner. However, you will have to make full payment before the trip departure.

Deposit and payment 

You are requested to send 25% of the trip cost per person to PMTBA. The deposit should be sent through the bank to Pokhara Mountain Bike Account. The remaining balance can be paid two weeks in advance or after you arrive in our office, before the departure of the trip. If you like to pay the rest amount by debit/credit card, there will be a 4% levy charge for which you will be liable. There will be no levy if you pay by cash at your arrival in our office. We are happy to inform you that your deposit can be transferred to the next trip if you cancel the trip for some reason.

Your financial Protection 

Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures P.Ltd. is a registered, licensed, and bonded Mountain biking/trekking tour company. We hold a license from the Office of the Company Registrar (Ministry of Industry), Department of Tourism, (Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and civil aviation) Tourism industry division, Department of Tax (ministry of finance) regional Gandaki province office in Pokhara and Depart of foreign currency exchange, National bank of Nepal. We are proud to be a member of the Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara Tourism Council, Kaski District Cycling Association, TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal), Nepal Mountaineering Association, and Tourism Transportation Committee in Gandaki Province, Nepal.

Our registration and membership of this organization mean that our accounts are subject to regular and firm independent scrutiny, which, although it cannot prevent failure, certainly makes it less likely. You can book with Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure in complete trust and confidence that all money paid to us for the trip is fully protected. We are also among the top companies highly recommended by Rough Guide, Lonely Planet, and top-rated on Trip Advisor and other social media.

Force Majeure

We may not pay your compensation if we have to cancel or change your booked tour arrangements in any way because of war, state of emergency, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural calamities, nuclear disaster, fire, bad weather conditions, Pandemic, or other unforeseen circumstances that may amount to force majeure. However, we can postpone the trip on the cost to the next departure based on mutual cooperation.

Flexibility/amendment to your booking 

We will be flexible to make the booking change as far as possible. If any information given on your booking form should change, e.g. Name or passport number, it is important that you advise us as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in airlines or government authorities levying charges for which you would be liable. If you like to transfer your booking to an alternative departure or holiday, please let us know in advance. We will do our best to re-arrange it for a mutually convenient date.


We would like to assure you that we take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information. To collect information from you to make a booking through Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure, we may ask some questions to obtain the necessary permits. No private or personal information that you supply to us when making a booking will be disclosed for any other purposes. When you make a booking, you consent that all the information you provide may be shared with the local governmental authorities and consortium partners based in Nepal, in case it may be required.

Passport and Visa

We recommend that you must have a valid passport with at least six months of validity from the return date. A Nepalese visa can be obtained from the Nepalese consulate/embassy in your country or you can get the visa upon your arrival in Kathmandu. Please ask for the details if you need to fill up our addresses. The cost of the visa might vary based on the duration of your stay. Visa costs are the sole responsibility of clients.

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing

All our guests traveling with Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures over the Age of 13+ should have a Covid-19 full dose of vaccination 14 days prior to their arrival in Nepal. It is mandatory to prove that the Covid-19  test result is negative and completed 72 hours before the start of your trip.  If you like to have an update regarding COVID-19 Travel Protocols please write us. Please check the link

Travel and medical insurance 

We highly recommend and it is mandatory to be covered by adequate insurance to participate in our mountain biking, Hike and Bike/trekking trips, Multi-adventures, and other tours. We will collect your insurance policy details before the tour departure. This insurance must include travel, luggage loss, bicycle damage, medical expenses, injuries, death, and cost of helicopter evacuation, repatriation, and cancellation. All baggage, personal belongings, mountain bikes are at all times at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or accident to any luggage or property, howsoever incurred. However, we take full responsibility for your belongings and luggage stored in our office and handled by our crew during the trip.

Cancelation and Booking amendment 

We would request you to give us a cancelation notice a minimum of two weeks before trip departure and must be given to us in written form; such notice commences from the day notice is received. Cancelation shall be valid with approval from the company after receiving the documents. The trip will be canceled and a cancelation charge of 20% of the total amount of the trip will be deducted from your deposit. There will be no refund, postpone or transfer of the deposit to clients that provide the cancellation notice less than two weeks before the trip departure. There will also be no refund if a group member leaves a trip for any reason whatsoever, either voluntarily, involuntarily, or if you commit any unlawful act after the trip is started. We will make no refunds for any meals, accommodation, or service not used. We will also not make any refund of the domestic flight if we use an alternative way by Jeep, especially from Pokhara to Jomsom flight due to adverse weather conditions. It is because it costs us the same amount hiring a jeep or taking flight tickets due to current road conditions in the mountain.

If you require other changes to your original tour, the person that booked the tour must submit a written document with the changes required. While every effort will be made to make the desired changes as far as possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

If you are prevented from traveling on the tour due to serious circumstances such as illness, injury, or death of close family, relative, or friend or jury service, you may postpone booking based on the requirement also may transfer to another person provided they meet all the requirements relating to that tour. You must provide us with information instantly

Baggage Allowances in the Mountains

We would like to request you to make every effort to restrict your clothing and equipment to a maximum of 15Kg, especially while you are in the mountains. While on our mountain biking, hike, and bike trips, we provide 1 porter for two people. We can also provide extra porters that will cost you extra, however; we will check your necessary clothing for your trip before leaving for the mountain. Be assured that we will do our best to make sure you have enough clothes and equipment that you need in the mountains. Also, be informed that there will be a store in our hotel and office to keep your extra luggage and clothing that you don’t need during the trip to the Mountains. We will store your luggage for free.

Health, fitness, and your responsibility

We believe that you realize and accept the risks and hazards potentially involved in mountain biking, hiking and biking, cycling, trekking, and Multi-Adventure holidays so that you are mentally and physically capable of undertaking your chosen trip. We are happy to provide all the detailed technical and physical difficulties of the particular trips. We would like to request you to tell us if you have any existing medical conditions or disabilities that might affect your trip before you book the holiday. If in your reasonable opinion, your chosen holiday is not suitable for your medical condition or disability, we reserve the right to refuse your booking. We reserve the right to cancel the contract if medical problems are not supporting the trip. You must tell us, at the time of booking, about any medical conditions or injuries that might affect your riding or ability to take part in this adventure holiday.

Spending extra money

Our package tour includes most of the food and accommodation during the trip. However, if you like to buy extra drinks, alcoholic drinks, souvenirs, and other stuff not included in the package you have to bear the cost. You should take extra cash, of 200 to 500 Euros/USD just in case. You can also take your credit card along. There will be a 4% surcharge in general if you pay by credit card.

Caution regarding the adventure holiday

Mountain biking/hiking, trekking, and outdoor adventures activities have some risks if you don’t handle them with care. Our trips to the Himalayas are like a once in a life lifetime experience, type of holiday; most of the trip destinations and journeys in this site are remote regions, within an underdeveloped country and countrysides where events are less predictable. The unexpected norms in these areas, and, despite painstaking planning and organization, our adventure trips can never be taken for granted like regular trips. Many of the places that we visit do not have the same quality of emergency health and safety services that you are used to in the developed world. In particular flights into the mountains can be often delayed, canceled, road transportation is uncomfortable and unreliable, and hotels often do not approach the standards of the western world. There can be a kind of cultural shock! So please be prepared or ready for this. Such unpredictability also means that the itineraries that we put forward for each of our trips should be seen as statements of an outline, rather than as contractual obligations. As stated above, a variety of factors, including weather, transportation difficulties, and political instability might dictate that we change our itineraries. In such conditions, the group leader/guide will make changes that are necessary, after consultation with the group. Such kind of conditions will rarely occur and we will do our best to minimize the effects of the enforced changes. We cannot be responsible for the result of changes, or delays, irrespective of such situations which are not under our control.

Alterations in cost, time, and additional charges

Given packages are designed by the Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures team along with the experts having the experiences of decades. Though the PMTBA respects the idea of the guests in individual, family, and groups interests and is happy to provide the alterations to the packages based on the customer’s request that addresses the wish to spend more time and cost and amendment in the program. Just in the circumstances prevalent in the area, the standard packages and cost and time may be subject to alterations due to unexpected natural conditions. In that case,  time, cost, and the program can be adjusted in mutual co-operation between the customer and the company.

Damages of the company equipment, not attending at the time of the trip departure may lead the customer to alteration of cost and time.

Children and Teens

We recommend having a legal guardian accompany all the guests under the age of 16 years. Please let us know in advance if you like to involve your kids in any activities.

Ethical and responsible travel

Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures is very much concerned to create an impression and leave a footprint in ethical and responsible travel among locals and the tourism industry. We care about the benefit of local people, travelers, the environment, and the tourism industry in a responsible and sustainable way. We humbly request our guests to read our sustainability pledge and act responsibly while traveling with us.

Complaints and solution

Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures always provides top priority on customer care, quality services, and positive experiences that create lasting memories of your holidays with us. So, we take the right action against any complaints that may occur during your holiday. In that case, we humbly request you to notify your dislike or problem during the trip to your team leader earliest possible. Your feedback will help us to take appropriate actions to resolve the problem. We need to hear your positive and negative experiences with us that will help us to solve issues and create an environment to exceed the expectations of your dream holiday.

Photography and Filming  

Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures reserves the right to take photographs of our customers on the trips and may use photos on any website for our promotional purpose in the future. By booking your holiday with us, you have granted us royalty-free authority to use videos and photos for our promotional materials, website, social media, and marketing. However, if you have any reservations about your images and videos not being used, please inform us during the trip or before booking the trip.

Governing law

This agreement shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with Gandaki Province and the Government of Nepal.

Congratulations! Looking forward to riding and sharing our playground with you

Thank you