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Welcome to our Mountain Bike Shop, your premier destination for top-quality Mountain Bike Rentals in Nepal. If you like to explore the breathtaking landscapes, off-the-beaten Himalayan trails and rich culture of Nepal with peace of mind by renting a mountain bike from our rental Bike shop. We take pride in offering a wide range of mountain bikes, ranging from entry-level to the latest high-end models 2022/2023/2024, attentively serviced Bicycles from renowned brands like Trek, Scott, and Giant in Nepal. Experience the ultimate riding pleasure in plains to the Himalayan height by choosing between our diverse hard tail and dual suspension bikes, perfect for various types of rides including XC, All Mountain, Enduro, recreational cycling, family outings with baby carrier rides, and stress-free mountain biking adventures. Whether you're on holiday or seeking recreational cycling experiences, we are here to support all your mountain biking and cycling needs in Pokhara, Nepal. our well experienced mechanics regularly checks the bike before and after the rentals which we priorities your safety and enjoyment. Rely our Nepal Bike Rental shop for self-guided or guided tours to Nepal's diverse biking destinations from Indian flat to the Himalayan heights, knowing that our Mountain Bike Shop has got you covered. Check out the Rental bikes we have here in our fleet. If you need details of availability to enquire please write us an email with your requirements or whatsapp us at +9779804134788 for instant response.

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Trek Rail 5 Gen 3

Rail 5 is a full-suspension electric mountain bike...

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