Annapurna Circuit Mountain Biking Tours

17 Days 16 Nights


230+ Km



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NPR 390,603/-perperson


Ride and Explore the Annapurna Circuit: An Epic Mountain Biking Adventure in Nepal!

Get ready for the mountain bike ride of your life! Join Wellteam in Nepal on an epic mountain biking tour through the breathtaking Annapurna Circuit. This challenging but incredibly rewarding journey will push your limits as you traverse diverse landscapes, from lush green forests to rugged, high-altitude terrain in the conquest of the highest mountain pass in Nepal, the Thorung La at 5416 meters.

Transverse the way, you'll experience unique mountain bike trails on the alpine single track, dirt road, rain forest, captivating waterfalls, and paddies that wind through charming villages, snake-like rivers, and majestic Himalayan peaks. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of local communities and witness breathtaking scenery and unique experinces that will leave you speechless.

Annapurna Circuit Mountain biking expedition is not just an ordinary mountain bike holiday; it's a lifetime achievement that you always be proud to share with your friends.  Book your trip with us, challenge yourself and discover the beauty of Nepal on this epic cycling adventure.

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Day 1

Fly from your home country. Depart 17th or 18th to arrive KTM airport Friday 18 October or morning 19th October (arrive no later than 12pm 19/10/24).

If arriving on the 17th or earlier one nights accommodation will be provided at a hotel close to the airport.

You will be met at the airport by a representative from Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures.

Day 2

Flights from Kathmandu domestic airport are arranged and paid for by Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures. Some of the team of PMBA will collect you from Pokhara airport and transfer you to the hotel. After settling into the hotel, enjoy walking the streets of Pokhara and maybe stroll down to the beautiful Fewa lake to catch the sunset. We will enjoy our first Wellteam dinner at the delicious Utopia Restaurant.

Day 3

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before gliding out across Fewa Lake in one of the local water-taxi’s. On the other side of Fewa lake we’ll take a beautiful walk up to the stunning Buddhist Peace Pagoda that overlooks Pokhara and surrounding areas.
We’ll return back, taking the lake-taxi’s back to Pokhara for a group lunch and official introduction to our guide team and the owner of Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures. Bike fitting in the afternoon and the opportunity for a short ride to stretch the legs before dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 4

Enjoy an early morning walk along the waterfront of Fewa Lake (optional) before breakfast at the hotel. 
Today we’ll take our first longer ride on the bikes and ensure we’re ready for the real riding the following day. Ride out around Fewa lake to a stunning local water fall with the opportunity to swim in a cool mountain stream. 
In the afternoon our lead guide will visit us individually and check our gear in preparation for the crossing of Thorong La and our stay in the high mountains. Any gear required may be available for purchase that afternoon. Enjoy dinner in the local restaurant as our last meal before the real adventure begins. 

Altitude: 900m
Climbing (m): 400
Distance (km): 30

Day 5

Day one of the real riding begins. Our challenge today is to ride 62kms through stunning local villages, past beautiful lakes and up and over three climbs, one of which at the end of the day… will be the big test.  Most of the riding will be on sealed roads. 
We’ll have several stops along the way with a well-deserved lunch in a small village before descending into the Sundarbazar region. This descent, late in the day is a spectacular roll past local houses, small farms, home-made Ferris wheels, kids running in the streets and farmlands. 
We’ll arrive around sunset, crossing over from sealed roads to dirt as we reach the stunning settlement and dinner in the local hotel. 

Altitude change: 822m to 850m
Climbing (m): 1100m
Distance (km): 62km

Day 6

What a stunning day we have in stall today. We’ll depart early and begin our climbing from 850 metres altitude at Sundarbazar up to 1130 metres at Syange. Today we’ll cover 42 kilometres. 
We begin our connection with Marsyagdi Besi, the river we’ll follow as it snakes its way up between the mountains. Today we’ll get our first taste of the steep mountain passes, stunning waterfalls and most of us will likely push our bikes up several steep sections. Conserving energy is critical now as we’ll need to be fresh as we climb in altitude. 
We will take lots of breaks today, which we’ll need simply to photograph and enjoy the changing landscape as we move up toward the high mountains. The road surface is now partly sealed and mostly dirt which we share with inquisitive locals heading up and down from the higher villages.  
Nestled beneath a stunning waterfall and overlooking Marsyangdi Besi, the hotel at Syange will be a very welcome sight. Most likely you’ll drift off quickly to sleep to the sound of a river flowing below.

Altitude change: 850m to 1130m
Climbing (m): 818m
Distance (km): 42km

Day 7

A challenging day ahead as we explore some of the diverse forests and terrain in the Himalayas. We gain almost 1500 metres in elevation today, covering 35kms and arriving at the village of Chame at 2650m elevation. 
The waterfalls en-route are spectacular as we weave our way up the valley, switch-backing in places past glacial fed torrents, crossing beneath waterfalls, over log bridges and finally arriving in the late afternoon at the village of Chame. This is a big day in the saddle and while basic, the hotel at Chame will be a very welcome relief. 
Given the stunning scenery, the frequent stops and bike pushing, while a long day, it’s a very rewarding one. This is where the valley opens up and we get our first taste of the high mountains. This is where the adventure starts to become real.

Altitude change: 1130m to 2650m
Climbing (m): 1720m
Distance (km): 35km

Day 8

Now we’re in the mountains. We switch from some of the shared-vehicles roads to time on smaller single track as we ascend in the shadow of the awesome Annapurna II mountain, cruise past walkers, yaks and local goat herders up to 3,300 metres and the village of Upper Pisang. 
Shorter day today as we conserve our energy and begin the acclimatisation process. Our altitude gain of 650 metres is significant and we will start to experience the change in oxygen concentration. 
We’ll take plenty of stops to admire the incredible valley before us, relax in teahouses with incredible views and sample apple delicacies from a local orchard…  cakes, donuts, muffins and apple cider.  
Our hotel at Upper Pisang is basic, classical alpine structure with stunning views up onto Annapurna II. Sit back in the guest common room around a wood fire and watch as the sun sets on this majestic mountain and the moon and stars shine brightly in this clean, crisp mountain air.

Altitude change: 2650m to 3300m
Climbing (m): 683m
Distance (km): 19km

Day 9

Another stunning day surrounded by giants and making our way up one of the most beautiful valleys on the planet. 
While we start cruising some short single-track, quickly we’ll switch to bike pushing as we start our ascent to nearly 3800 metres before descending down into the township of Manang at 3500 metres. 
Today we cover only 19kms but spend a lot of time stopping to admire the beauty. En-route we’ll stop for more apple delicacies, visit one of the most incredible buddhist temples perched overlooking the mountains and valley below.   
After a long bike-pushing climb after we reach our highest point we’ll descend down to the key acclimatisation village of Manang. We should arrive early in the afternoon with time to kick back and explore this high-alpine meeting place.

Altitude change: 3300m to 3519m
Climbing (m): 658m 
Distance (km): 19.1km

Day 10

Check out the local community and explore this unique alpine world with livestock walking the streets, climbers, monks, sherpers, porters, guides and trekkers… and a few crazy mountain bikers. Lots of café and places to buy provisions. There are plenty of stores selling trekking equipment should you need anything else. 
Take an optional walk up the high temple overlooking Manang for some peaceful time and to improve acclimatisation. Today we’ll join in an activity helping the local mountain community.

Altitude change: 0
Climbing (m): 300 metres (no bikes)
Distance (km): 

Day 11

All about strengthening your mind and body, today we’ll visit a local buddhist temple and monastery. A monk from the village will guide us through a meditation practice and discuss some of the buddhist practices and philosophy. We’ll spend some time today focusing inward on our own journey to date and thinking about our future direction. 
Time for a dip in the glacial fed lake or mountain stream? Let’s do it. Put your breathing skills to the test as we explore a cold water swim at 3500 metres!!! That’s one for your bucket list. 
Final preparations and packing for the pass. We’ll repack essentials for the pass and send the remaining gear with the jeep to meet us in Muktinath. A special pack will be provided for you to transfer your essential gear in. 

Altitude change: 0
Climbing (m):
Distance (km): 

Day 12

The adventure and remoteness of this isolated land starts to get real. With three nights to acclimatise under our belt, today we head for high-camp at Thorong Phedi. At 4500m, this day will be an epic ascent and test out how well we have acclimatised. 
With more stunning scenery all around, we’ll ride and mainly walk the trekking path up to Thorong Phedi.  Stopping en-route at Yak Kharka for a well-deserved lunch, Dal-Bhat and veg soup never tasted so good. 
The ride/walk today will be tough, covering 16.7km and an elevation gain of 1,000m. Some sections of the track will be very steep, you may spot the elusive and sacred blue sheep that roam the area. 
The buildings at Thorong Phedi will be a welcome sight as you kick back with fellow travellers in one of the most ‘hip’ tea-houses in Nepal. Accommodation here is very basic but you won’t be sleeping in anyway. After a hearty dinner and an early night, you’ll be waking soon for the big day over the pass. 
Temperatures here at Thong Phedi can be very cold overnight, dropping to minus 15 degrees or colder. Our guides will assess the conditions over the pass to decide what time we depart in the morning and if it is safe to do so.


You will have the option to pay porters to carry your bike over Thorong La if you want/need it. 
For anyone who requires it/prefers it, there is an option to take a horse up to the top of the pass at $100 USD per person. (if it best that everyone carries $100USD just in case – no credit cards for the local horses or porters). 

Altitude change: 3500 to 4500m
Climbing (m): 1195m
Distance (km): 16.6

Day 13

Starts 3 – 4am: The big day begins. Thorong La. 5416m above sea level. Oxygen concentration 50% of that at sea level. Potential exists for acute mountain sickness. 

We start early, well before the sun rises and join a procession of trekkers ascending the initial steepest section (climbing 343m vertically over 1.2km) for two hours before we stop for breakfast. This section is challenging. Those pushing their bikes will wish they’d paid a porter to carry it.
After breakfast at Thorong La High Camp we will then move at our own pace up to Thorong La Pass (3.8km and 540m vertically). This will be a memorable and challenging day. Don’t be surprised if you get emotional when you reach the summit. The remoteness, beauty and hostility of this place will capture your soul. 
You will be walking where few have walked before. Don’t expect to ride your bike at all up here. It’s likely to be snow covered ground, potential for high winds, cloud and even snow. You’ll experience low oxygen concentrations and the impact that has on your ability to move. It will be slow… very slow… but at your own pace. 
Our guides will keep us on track as the path weaves its way up, past a tea house and horses until we reach the prayer flag adorned sign at the summit. There’s a small tea house there if you need it before we start our descent. 
The descent by bike is steep, lose and hazardous. It’s likely you’ll walk down most of it until we reach our lunch spot at the base. From there, it’s another spectacular ride with a tired body to the ancient village of Muktinath where we spend the night.

Altitude change: 4500 over 5416, descend to 3700m
Climbing (m): 900m
Distance (km): 14.5km

Day 14

A day of choices with opportunities to test your resilience, mountain biking skills and strength of character. We descend today from Muktinath at 3,700m to Kagbeni at 2,800m.
Muktinath is a pilgrimage town for Hindus and Buddhists. The temple at Muktinath is a sacred place and has 108 water spouts and glacial fed pools. The ultimate cold water challenge will not only make you a legend but it is said that crossing under the 108 spouts will cleans your past sins. 
The town has a steady procession of people on horses, foot and being carried to and from the temple. You can of course also just choose to grab a drink and watch it all happen. 

Two options here for riding to our next town: the historic and amazing Kagbeni: 

1. Ascend a further 200 metres along single track to a spectacular viewpoint… then descend down one of the wildest single-tracks in the Himalayas. The Lupra trail is a must-do for skilled mountain bikers. It’s fast, loose and remote. 
2. The road to Kagbeni. A safer and cruisy option descending down the vehicle track. A shorter path to Kagbeni this is a good option for tired bodies or those wanting to keep it ‘rubber side down’. You’ll arrive in Kagbeni earlier giving you more time to explore the ancient village. 

Kagbeni is an incredible town to explore. From the quirky ‘Yak Donalds’ to ancient monasteries and a village that time has forgotten. The ancient streets of Kagbeni have to be explored to be believed. 
Villagers live in very traditional stone houses. Wood is stored on the roof to symbolise wealth and the ability to survive the harsh winter. 
Sit yourself down in a traditional tea-house and take it all in. 

Altitude change: 3700 to 2855
Climbing (m): 471m and 1300m descent! YEAH.
Distance (km): 15km

Day 15

Another cracking day of exploring ancient towns today.  We’ll descend down the vehicle track following the awesome Gandaki River under the shadow of Dhawalagiri Mountain (7th highest in the world at 8,167m) to the town of Kalopani (2,530m). 
Enroute, we’ll cruise through the mountain village of Jomsom before riding the unbelievable streets of Marpha, with prayer-flag adorned, white washed walls, buddhist monastery and Tibetan refugees. 
This is likely to be a highlight village that will be etched into your mind well after departing and descending along some crazy vehicle tracks to Kalopani. It’s here we drop down out of high-altitude territory and our bodies will rejoice in the oxygen dense air at the lovely hotel at Kalopani.

Altitude change: 2855 to 2500
Climbing (m): 226 with 554m descent
Distance (km): 35.7km

Day 16

The final riding day. A real mixed-emotions day. By now you’ll have built your skills and stamina on the bike and with two days of descending behind you, it’s just a cruise. The surrounding landscape along the Gandaki valley is breathtaking and we’ve plenty of time to just take it all in. 
We’ll pull on the brakes for the final stop at Beni, where we’ll grab a well earned lunch and load our bikes onto the jeep and another support vehicle. 
With the ride over, it’s time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the bouncy ride back to Pokhara. (You may in fact wish you were still riding!). 
Arrive back in Pokhara around 4-6pm enough time to get settled in the hotel then back out for a final team dinner.  We’ll farewell our amazing support crew and share one final dinner before departure tomorrow. 

Altitude change: 2500 to 900m
Climbing (m): 165m and 1796m descent
Distance (km): 41

Day 17

Flights out from Pokhara to Kathmandu (Included in the trip). 

Our team from Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure will arrange transport to the Pokhara Airport. We recommend you spend the night in Kathmandu in the Thamel district, which is quite a buzz. The tourist centre for Kathmandu, you only need walk a few blocks to get into the craziness of this city. 
The Thamel district is adorned with hotels, tourist shops for last minute gifts and a few blocks away some traditional stores and grocers. It’s a buzz and a must see while you’re in Nepal. Aim to get lost in the back streets and experience the full Kathmandu experience. 

Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures team will recommend and book a hotel for you in Thamel or near the airport if you prefer. (At your own expense). 

While you could plan to fly out late in the day on the 3rd November, planning to fly out of KTM on the 4th gives you a little protection in case the flights from Pokhara to Kathmandu are weather effected (not common, but possible). Take a taxi from your hotel in KTM to the airport. 

Day 18

Most will plan to fly out of KTM today.

Tour Route



Cycling | Vehicles | Flight

Cost Includes:

  • Flights to and from Kathmandu to Pokhara airport

  • Accommodation from Saturday 19th October to Sunday 3rd November plus accommodation in Kathmandu if arriving on Friday 18th October.

  • All group meals from Saturday evening 19th to Sunday breakfast 3rd November

  • Baggage transport during trip

  • Experienced guides and porters

  • Jeep support during trip (excludes 2 days over the Pass)

  • Transfers to and from Pokhara airport

  • Wellteam Expedition kit (Expedition bag, souvenir windproof jacket and t-shirt)

Cost Excludes:

  • Flights from home country to Nepal (Approx $2,000 AUD)

  • Visa for Nepal (approx. $100 AUD)

  • Travel Insurance (ensure covers altitude above 5,000 metres and does not exclude trekking, mountain biking at altitude)

  • Bike Hire (Approx $500 AUD and includes repairs enroute)

  • Tips for Guides/porters (approx. $150-250 AUD in total per person)

  • Spending money on trip

  • Clothing and equipment on trip 

  • Hire of Horse or additional porter costs at Thorong La pass if required

  • Repairs or replacement parts to own bike if not hiring (the guides will however help wherever they can to get you mobile but only carry limited spares and tools)

  • Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, hot drinks, water, toilet paper and personal snacks enroute (this helps support the local businesses along the way that are critical to the experience)


NPR 390,603 /Per person

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