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Mountain Biking in Pokhara: A Complete Guide

An Insight to Mountain Biking in Pokhara!

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Laxman Sunar

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22 Apr 2024

Mountain Biking in Pokhara: A Complete Guide

An Insight to Mountain Biking in Pokhara!

Are you looking forward for an adventure of lifetime amidst the incredible views of the Himalayas in Pokhara? If you are a cycling enthusiast and have a great devotion for outdoor adventures, Pokhara’s beautiful trails have been waiting for you to unfold its beauty and story. This is a comprehensive guide that unveils the mountain biking opportunities in Pokhara, the best mountain bike tours, thrilling adventures, and where to find the perfect mountain bike rentals. Get ready to prepare for an extra-ordinary mountain biking adventure in Pokhara with our comprehensive Guide.

Short Glimpse on Table of Contents:

1.  Introduction2.  Why Choose Pokhara for Mountain Biking? 
3.  Best Mountain Bike Tours in Pokhara 4.  Mountain Bike Rentals in Pokhara: Your Options
5.  Tips for Mountain Bike Rentals 6.  Navigating the Mountain Bike Trails
7.  Safety First: Essential Gear and Guidelines for mountain biking in Pokhara8.  Fueling Your Ride: Best Eateries on the Trails
9.  Weather Considerations for Mountain Biking10.  Conclusion: Your Pokhara Mountain Biking Adventure Awaits!

1. Introduction

Three mountain bikers are cheering the beautiful view raising their hands in the air.

Mountain Biking Tour through the incredible landscapes of Pokhara is not just an experience of rolling around on two-wheels; rather it is an opportunity to indulge yourself in the thrilling biking trails and observe amazing culture, nature and the Himalayas along with the serene beauty of Fewa Lake.

2. Why Choose Pokhara for Mountain Biking?

Mountain bikers are enjoying the beautiful view.

Pokhara is nestled on the lap of the Annapurna Himalayan range. Pokhara hosts a unique geographic feature that offers a huge opportunity for mountain biking adventure which suits the level of every individual rider from novice to seasoned pro. The mountain biking trail of Pokhara encompasses lush greeneries, pristine Fewa and Begnas Lakes, splendid views of the Himalayas and the vibrant culture of the region. Pokhara caters to all the riding styles of an individual; Cross-Country, Enduro and Downhill.

3. Best Mountain Bike Tours in Pokhara

Pokhara has an abundance of mountain biking trails to cater every level of riders. The mountain biking trails of Pokhara include flowy sections, dirt roads, single trails and rugged terrains. Pokhara has something to offer for every cycling enthusiast. Some of the most popular mountain biking trails around Pokhara are briefed below.

Round the Fewa Lake

Mountain bikers are crossing the yellow bridge over Harpan River near Pame village.

Round the Fewa Lake mountain bike tour is one the most popular biking trails for the mountain bike enthusiasts in Pokhara. One can experience a complete blend of trails from thrilling wider dirt roads to the hair-raising single trail of Queen’s Forest of Stupa. Besides an incredible biking experience, round the Fewa Lake tour also offers a closer insight to nature, culture and the Himalayas. The picturesque villages, paddy fields and cinematic landscapes with the backdrop of Fewa Lake add a visual delight throughout the adventure. The tranquil environment of the World Peace Pagoda and a sip of freshly brewed Himalayan Aromatic coffee is more than enough to create a lasting impression of your mountain biking experience in Pokhara.

Sarangkot Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers are enjoying the view of Annapurna mountain range while pedaling towards Sarangkot.

Sarangkot is a popular sunrise hill station of Pokhara. The incredible view of the Annappurna, Fishtail, Manaslu and the Dhaulagiri makes Sarangkot an extra-ordinary view point of Pokhara. The sight of Seti River valley and the Fewa Lake along with view of Pokhara city makes this view tower a significant place to must visit. There are many ways to get to the view tower of Sarangkot such as driving with a car, enjoying the cable car ride or even going with a motor bike. However, recent days mountain biking has emerged as a popular way to get to the top of Sarangkot. Mountain biking to Sarangkot offers a unique experience from culture, nature to the glory of the Himalayas. The pedal powered adventure leads you through vibrant villages ensuring you the opportunity to interact with the friendly locals and observe their culture closely. The mountain biking trail to Sarangkot view point includes inner streets, dirt and tarmac roads and technically efficient downhill which guarantees once-in-a-lifetime MTB ride in Pokhara.

Fewa to Begnas Lake Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers are starting their ride with the view of Annapurna and Fishtail to Begnas Lake.

The Fewa to Begnas Lake mountain biking tour is an experience enriched with nature, culture and awe-inspiring views of the Himalayas accompanied with the dramatic landscapes and picturesque villages. The Fewa to Begnas Lake MTB tour takes you through inner streets, wider dirt and tarmac roads and lush forests ensuring you to give an opportunity to indulge in the local culture and observe migrant birds and wildlife.  The MTB tour from Fewa to Begnas Lake gives you a closer insight to the way of local life, their practices and the serene beauty of both Fewa and Begnas Lakes. Along the way, you may take time to visit the Old Pokhara, Matepani Gumba and Bhadrakali temple. The main highlight of Fewa to Begnas Lake MTB tour is the view of the Annapurna Himalayan range that forms the backdrop to Seti River valley.

The above mentioned mountain bike tours in Pokhara are just few of many customizable MTB trips in Pokhara. Pokhara has a lot of mountain bike trails that can suit the level of every rider from beginners to profound bikers. So, if you are in Pokhara don’t forget to explore the hidden beauty of the region on two-wheels.

4. Mountain Bike Rentals in Pokhara: Your Options

Pokhara, the most beautiful town of Nepal has earned its well-deserved name as mountain bike paradise. Due to its unique geography and quick access to the surrounding hills on mountain bikes, it is not an offence to call it a mountain bike paradise. The incredible landscapes, mountain views and amazing MTB trails have compelled the local and international riders to ride around the serene beauty of Pokhara. The popularity and growing mountain bike industry in Pokhara, has introduced some MTB companies where mountain bike rentals are available. The mountain bike rental stores in Pokhara offer beginner-friendly models to high-performance top-notch mountain bikes for rent. Some of the reputable companies to offer high-end MTB rentals in Pokhara are The Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures Pvt. Ltd, and The Bike Shop. There are also local bike shops all along the streets of Lakeside where you can rent local MTBs to cruise around the town of Pokhara. However, if you want to have a great experience of mountain biking around Pokhara then it is worth renting genuine mountain bike to explore every nook and corner of the valley.

5. Tips for Mountain Bike Rentals

Trek X-Caliber 8 with the view of Annapurna Mountain range.

Mountain biking is an extreme sport which involves the risks of accidents resulting in bodily injuries including disability, paralysis and sometimes can be fatal. So, ensuring the mountain bike that you rented is in proper working condition and can tackle the trail of your choice is crucial. Before setting up for your desired MTB trail in Pokhara, thoroughly inspect the rented MTB. Check brakes, Gears, Quick-releases or Axle, Handle Bar, Fork and Suspension and Tire pressures for a hassle free and smooth riding experience. Don’t forget to ask for helmet, repair kits, tubes, pump and multi-tool set for a problem free mountain biking experience. If you are new to the surrounding region of Pokhara, you may also ask bicycle rental store about the trail and the trail conditions to match your riding preference. 

6. Navigating the Mountain Bike Trails

Navigating the mountain bike trail is as crucial as inspecting the bike. A piece of good information about the MTB trail can give you a great experience. However, no information at all can lead you to nowhere and can be dangerous sometimes. So, it is significant to collect all the detailed information about the trail from the mountain bike rental store. Ensure that you know the trail condition and ask for the possible danger around the region that you are going to mountain bike. You can also ask for the Garmin tracing or use apps like Strava or Komot for a smooth and safe mountain biking in Pokhara.

7. Safety First: Essential Gear and Guidelines for mountain biking in Pokhara

As already mentioned above, mountain biking is an extreme sport which involves the risks of accidents resulting in bodily injuries including disability, paralysis and sometimes can be fatal. So, right precaution and proper packing for mountain biking in Pokhara is highly recommended. For your safety concern do not try to attempt any extreme trails alone. If you are to go through some of the extreme trails around Pokhara, make sure that you are accompanied by your friend or a guide. Make sure that you are wearing a sturdy helmet, comfortable gloves and cycling glasses. When you are out on a tour around Pokhara, guided or self –guided, ensure that either you or your guide is well-equipped with a first-aid kit and a cell phone for emergency calls. If you are going on any new trails around Pokhara, its okay going uphill, but make sure that you follow a decent pace while descending down as there might be unexpected path that can lead to an accident. Always ask the MTB Company or the guide about the possible risk factors along the trail that you are opting to ride. And it’s always ideal to follow the designated MTB trails.

8. Fueling Your Ride: Best Eateries on the Trails 

Elite Cafe at Stupa in Pokhara.

There are many eateries all along the mountain biking trails around Pokhara which cater to all types of tastes from continental to local delicacies.. Whether its refreshments or lunch you can find any kind of food supplies to refuel your mountain bike adventure in Pokhara. Some of the notable names of the restaurants that are bike friendly are The Elite Café of Stupa, Moon Dance restaurant of Lakeside, God Father’s Pizzeria of Lakeside and The Beach Restro of Khapaudi. In these restaurants you can enjoy all kinds of lavish delicacies from around the world.

9. Weather Considerations for Mountain Biking in Pokhara

Two mountain bikers are riding their bikes along the river dyke while heading towards world peace stupa.

Mountain biking trips in Pokhara can be done all year round. However, the best time for a mountain bike adventure in Pokhara is during the months of September to December and January to May. During these months, the weather remains fine with clear skies. And the trails are dry and in ride able conditions. Be cautious when you go for a mountain bike tour during the monsoon in Pokhara as the trails can be slippery and the visibility may be compromised. So, it is ideal to check the weather forecast thoroughly before setting up for a ride and plan accordingly.

10. Conclusion: Your Pokhara Mountain Biking Adventure Awaits! 

Words are not enough to describe the beauty and the mountain biking experience of Pokhara. However, we did try to explain Pokhara as not just a destination rather it is a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the mountain bike trails of Pokhara has something to offer for every level of biking junkies. So, what are you waiting for? Dare to accept the challenge, gear up and explore the hidden wonders of Pokhara on a thrilling MTB adventure, where every trail tells a story and every ride unveils a new adventure!


Which is the best mountain bike rental store in Pokhara?
The Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure Pvt. Ltd, is the best MTB rental store in Pokhara. You can find a multiple selection of bikes from low end to super high-end.

What is the Cost for a day’s mountain bike rental in Pokhara?
The cost for a mountain bike rental depends on the quality and components of the bike. The rental cost usually starts from $ 25 to $ 35 in hardtail bikes and $ 40 to $ 70 in dual suspension bikes.

Which are the best mountain bike trails in Pokhara?
There are many mountain bike trails in Pokhara. Some of the most ridden mountain bike trails are the Stupa trail, Sarangkot, Pumdi-Bhumdi and the Begnas Lake trails.

Which is the most rated cycle rental store in Pokhara?
The Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure is the most rated cycle rental store in Pokhara.

Which mountain bike rental store has the 5 star reviews in Pokhara?
The Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure has genuine 5 star reviews in Pokhara.

Is there any award winning mountain bike rental company in Pokhara?
Yes, there are few award winning mountain bike rental companies in Pokhara. Among them, Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure stands on top.

Can I rent a mountain bike in Pokhara?
Yes, you can rent a mountain bike in Pokhara.

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