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Name: Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure Pvt. Ltd.


Company Headquarters Location: Hallan Chowk, Lakeside-6, Pokhara, Kaski, Gandaki Province, Nepal.
Registered in Kathmandu:   Nepal Government Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies
Office of the Company Registrar No: 108586
Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Local province Government Registration: Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment
Industrial and Tourism Promotion Division, Tourism Section, Gandaki Province, Pokhara, Nepal
Established: 2003
Founder/Owner: Jagan Biswakarma
Contact Information:
Phone: +9779804134788, 9856035788, 061456224
Official website: 
Address: Hallan Chowk, Lakeside Road, Main Street, Baidam-6, Pokhara, Nepal



Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure Nepal (PMTBA) is a premier, award-winning mountain bike tour operator renowned for its outstanding 5-star reviews and glowing customer testimonials. We are highly recommended as the best mountain bike adventure company with our own fleet of MTB shops in Nepal. Based in the picturesque city of Pokhara, in the Kaski district of Gandaki Province, our locally registered company is licensed under the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forestry, and Environment in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Founded in 2003 and owned by Jagan Biswakarma and his co-partners along with the passionate team,   PMTBA is driven by a love for mountain biking outdoor adventures and a commitment to social and economic empowerment to our local underprivileged communities while offering the safe and unique adventure of a lifetime to the riders, travellers and adventure lovers from around the world. Jagan himself, besides being a seasoned MTB guide and tourism entrepreneur, is a loyal advocate for the well-being of guides, Sherpas, porters, female riders, trek leaders and the entire tourism industry as a platform to create job opportunities for the youths.
At PMTBA, we're more than just tour guides—we're storytellers, weaving together the tapestry of Nepal's rich culture and awe-inspiring landscapes. Our commitment to authenticity and safety ensures that every journey with us is both enriching and exhilarating.
Our team is 100% committed, honest, and proud of our stunning landscapes and the majestic Himalayas. We aim to be the best mentors in the mountain biking guided holidays industry by offering creative, authentic, and immersive experiences. PMTBA provides a variety of exciting destinations for mountain biking, hiking, outdoor adventures and exploring the rich cultures of Nepal.
At PMTBA, we pride a professional team of passionate athletes and local MTB experts dedicated to delivering diverse and unique mountain biking adventures across Nepal. Join us to experience this extraordinary country's beauty, thrill, and culture through our expertly guided tours.




PMTBA strives to take the lead in outdoor adventure tourism by promoting sustainable mountain biking tours in the Himalayas. We aim to be a global ambassador for mountain biking expeditions and tours, highlighting Nepal as a premier and exciting destination for authentic, unique and diverse biking experiences. Our mission includes uplifting marginalized communities, generating employment, and empowering youths, especially girls from underprivileged, Dalit and ethnic backgrounds, through the operation of mountain biking tours and responsible outdoor adventure tourism in Nepal.




PMTBA is committed to delivering unparalleled mountain biking experiences with a focus on safety, customer satisfaction, flexibility and environmental responsibility. The company aims to offer diverse tour options, including small private tailor-made tours, fixed departure group tours,  family tours, and events management such as Triathlon, MTB, Enduro-Downhill and Trail running races. PMTBA also aims to provide job opportunities to youths and girls from disadvantaged communities, contributing to their socioeconomic upliftment. Additionally, we are committed to introducing innovative initiatives, such as E-Mountain Biking tours, to stay at the forefront of mountain biking adventure tourism in the Himalayas that can be a top revenue-generating company to create opportunities for youths and mentoring and upliftment of the entire mountain biking and outdoor tourism industry in Nepal while positioning Nepal among top ten mountain biking destinations in the world.   


What we offer 


Mountain Bike guided  tours: 


Beginner Tours: 

At PMTBA create tours for those who have limited training, skill and fitness levels we organize tours for beginners on gentle and easy trails for youths, the elderly and families.


Intermediate Tours: 

we have been organizing intermediate mountain biking tours for those who have a good amount of fitness level in gentle climbing, endurance riding, technical trails and scenic routes for mountain biking and hiking holidays in Nepal.


Advanced and challenging guided Tours: 

we organize mountain biking tours for advanced riders with a good amount of skills and endurance into the challenging trails with technical trails in high altitude Himalayas to take them in out of their comfort zone for lifetime experiences.

Customized tour packages: 

PMTBA organizes tailor-made adventures designed to meet the specific needs, interests, and skill levels of groups or individuals.


Guided Day Tours: 

we offer Professionally guided Mountain bike tours, hiking and other day activities tours based in Pokhara and Kathmandu with local experts ensuring your safety and providing insights into local culture and geography.


Multi-Adventure Activities


We specialize in guided mountain biking tours, but we also offer additional activities like hiking, rafting, yoga, fishing, bird watching, jungle safaris, and more.

Multi-day tours and expeditions in the Himalayas: 
we organize tailor-made cycling and mountain biking adventures for several days designed to meet the specific needs and skill levels of individuals and groups.


Family-friendly cycling and MTB tours: 

At  PMTBA organize tours specially designed for families that make sure trails and routes are suitable for young riders and kids.


Tour packages for corporates and clubs:

At PMTBA organize team-building and corporate retreats, club mtb and cycling tour packages that combine adventure with professional development.


Mountain Bike Rentals:
At PMTBA have our fleet with high-quality industry standard Mountain bikes, E-Mountain BIke, Helmets and safety gear available for Rent.


Events Management
As a registered adventure company, we organize various events in Nepal, including mountain bike races, trail running, triathlons, and school-level bicycle competitions. Join us for exciting annual events and both single-day and multi-day races.


Sunrise and Sunset Biking Tours: 


At Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures, our team organize sunrise and sunset mountain biking, cycling and hiking tours around Pokhara Valley Hill stations which are the best viewpoints for the sunrise over the Annapurna Himalayan range. 


Mountain Biking training camp for youths: 


AT PMTBA, our professional team offer Mountain biking camps and workshops for teenagers and school youths in the demand of school and community groups is a special request by their parents.


Eco-Tourism and Conservation  Tours: 


we organise education on local flora, fauna, and trail maintenance, and leave no trace education riders and the public to minimise their environmental impact.  



Offer diverse Tours and Expeditions:


PMTBA specializes in a range of mountain biking activities, including focusing on guided private tours, fixed-departure group tours,  family trips, single-track adventures, Mountain Bike coaching, and various mountain biking events in picturesque locations like Pokhara, Lower Mustang, Upper Mustang, Manang, Annapurna Circuit, Manaslu Circuit, Kathmandu to Pokhara, Chitwan National park, Langtang, Peaky Peak,  on the Everest region, Dolpo and more MTB holidays with a professional and knowledgeable team of guides and supporting crew.


Global Standard Equipment:


The company is committed to offering top-notch gear, safety protections, Mountain bikes,  Dual suspension Bikes, E-mountain bikes and high-end hardtail Mountain bikes for rentals and guided tours ensuring clients have access to quality equipment for their safety and well-being during their adventures in Nepal.


E-Mountain Biking Pioneers:


As pioneers in E-Mountain Biking guided tours, PMTBA strives to set industry standards and offer a cutting-edge mountain biking experience in the challenging Himalayan terrain with newly introduced machine e-Mountain biking tours all over Nepal.


Multi-Adventure Tours:


In addition to mountain biking, PMTBA offers multi-adventure tours encompassing hiking, rafting, yoga, and jungle safaris,  Paragliding, cultural tours, Horse ride tours, Boating, Canyoning, Golf course, fishing, hunting and birdwatching, 4x4 Jeep drive tours, Motor Bike tours that provide diverse experiences in the breathtaking landscapes, unique culture and warm and welcoming people of Nepal.


Safety First:
Prioritizing the client’s 100% safety, PMTBA ensures the well-being of participants during every tour with the best possible methods to prevent injury and accidents, by adhering to the local and global safety standards from the start and end of the trip.


Our safety protocol includes:
Certified guides: all our guides are certified in first aid, CPR, and cycling and mountain biking instruction.


Pre-Tour Briefings:


At PMTBA organises a Mandatory safety briefing before the tour starts about our trails, traffic, trail signs, and the nature of riding and types of trail grading in Nepal.


Equipment Checks:
we at PMTBA regularly service our bikes and gear which are regularly updated and maintained to handle the trails in the best working condition.


Mechanical support: 
Our crew members and guides are well known to handle a mechanical issue that may occur during the trip. So, our team will do their best to solve the mechanical issue with their parts and expertise.


Emergency Management  Procedures:
Our emergency management is well-defined for instant response with proper communication system and team with helicopter, team, hospital and first-aid and crew.

Global B2B Partnerships:
As a Locally registered company, we aim to collaborate with international tour operators and organizations to deliver exceptional mountain biking tours in Nepal, establishing itself as a reliable local destination management company (DMC) with high-quality material, professional guides and service beyond expectations of customers and B2B partner companies.


Event Management:


PMTBA organizes and manages various events, including races, trail running, and triathlons in Nepal, contributing to the development of adventure sports in the country.


Support Local Businesses:


Collaborate with local DMCs, trekking companies, local agriculture farms, local hotels and guest houses and other businesses to provide professional support in organizing mountain biking events and outdoor adventures in Nepal, fostering a strong network within the industry and contributing to the local revenue.


Job Creation and Community Upliftment:

The company is committed to creating job opportunities for youth in disadvantaged communities, contributing revenue in the rural part of the country to create positive social transformation and economic empowerment at local and national levels in the tourism industry by organizing mountain biking tours in the Himalayas, organizing events, hike and bike tours and taking tours to the rural part of the Nepal where not many travellers visited before.


Empowering Girls and Marginalized Communities:


PMTBA actively empowers girls from Dalit and ethnic communities by offering life skills, training, and job opportunities and engaging them in mainstream society by encouraging them to participate in social, educational, and economic initiatives for the betterment of their traditional beliefs and behaviours of slum, Dalit community and rural communities in Nepal.


Cycling and Outdoor Education Advocacy:


PMTBA is dedicated to encouraging cycling and outdoor education for students and the younger generation. Our goal is to foster an active mindset by using adventure and active education as tools for personal, social, and environmental well-being in the community. Also, we advocate and encourage the local government to create a local curriculum for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, Triathlon and running in Pokhara, Nepal in a local private and government school of Gandaki province.


Trail Expansion and Destination Exploration:
PMTBA is persistent in discovering new cycling destinations in Nepal. Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure company is persistent in exploring new trails, promoting untouched rural areas, and organizing tours to contribute revenue for the development of these regions which provide mountain biking and cycling opportunities to the areas that might not have access otherwise.


Sustainable Tourism Practices: 

With a focus on responsible and sustainable tourism by taking people to exciting and exotic destinations in the Himalayas, PMTBA seeks to create a positive impact on society by fostering social, educational, and economic empowerment in slum, disadvantaged and rural communities of Nepal.


Environmental Responsibility:


PMTBA focuses on organizing cycling-guided holidays, motivating local youth to ride bicycles, MTB and bicycling coaching among school children and youth and also attracting the global cycling community to explore Nepal’s hidden gem, the diverse landscapes. these works are the best efforts to contribute to environmental conservation and social and economic progress for the community that PMTBA aims to play a vital role in preserving the nature and Himalayas.


Exceptional experiences:
Mountain biking and cycling experience in our company at PMTBA Nepal aims to lead the industry and establish the global standard in mountain biking tourism. we are persistent in achieving this by offering exceptional mountain biking holidays and unique experiences while also contributing to the well-being and development of local communities in the Himalayas of Nepal.


The outbound tour company and media farm trip for B2B Collaboration with Mountain Biking, Adventure travel company and  Adventure Magazines for the promotion of Thrilling Nepal Experiences has to offer:


At Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures, we're extending a warm invitation to media professionals for outdoor adventure magazines. We're offering complimentary or affordable farm trips, specially tailored for outdoor adventure and mountain biking magazines. Come join us in exploring the beauty of Nepal and crafting captivating stories together to put Nepal in a global position. Let's team up and create unforgettable adventures. Contact us or write an email.

We wish you all the best, we are excited to welcome you on our home trails to offer you the best mountain biking holiday in Nepal. 

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