Blog / Top Ten Mountain Bike and Bicycle Rentals in Nepal with price


Top Ten Mountain Bike and Bicycle Rentals in Nepal with price

Discover Nepal's Best Bike Rentals: Top Ten Picks with Price Details.

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Laxman Sunar

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22 Apr 2024

Trek Rail 5 Gen 2, electric mountain bike rental in Pokhara, Nepal.

Top Ten Mountain Bike and Bicycle Rentals in Nepal with price

Mountain biking in Nepal is a great way to explore the country’s rugged terrain, incredible landscapes, culture, nature and amazing people. Nepal offers a wide opportunity to for varied mountain biking experiences. All you need to do is to rent a mountain bike, pack your things and kick-off on an adventure of lifetime. Are you looking forward to rent a mountain bike in Nepal? Here, in this article we are trying our best to unveil the mountain bike rentals in Nepal. This article also helps you to get the idea about the cost of mountain bike rental in Nepal. Without any delay let’s get going on the mountain bike rental opportunities in different parts of Nepal.

1. Mountain Bike and bicycle Rental in Kathmandu 

Entry level mountain bike Trek Marlin 7.

Kathmandu is the biggest city with a beautiful playground for mountain bikes and bicycle rides in the countryside of Kathmandu Valley. There are plenty of mountain bike sales, repair, MTB hire, Rental, and workshops in Kathmandu. Check out the best-rated mountain bike shop for rentals in Kathmandu Valley. There are Trek Mountain bike shop and rentals, Giant Mountain Bike shop and Rentals, Scott Mountain bike shop and rentals as well as local bicycle rental shops to get hired. Please check the bike's mechanical condition before you hire the bike.  There are top-notch mountain bike rentals and the cheapest mountain bike sell, rental, and repair options in Kathmandu. 

2. Mountain Bike and Bicycle rental in Lalitpur 

Lalitpur is another district in Kathmandu Valley with different administrative authorities. Lalitpur in Kathmandu city is becoming a bicycle-friendly city as they have created a Bicycle lane and Pump track here in Lalitpur. Lalitpur is also a gateway to reach Local Mountain biking trails such as Lakuri Bhanjyang, Chobhar, and many temples and monasteries around. You can easily rent and Ride Mountain bikes in Lalitpur Jhamsikhel from Highend Commencal, Trek, and Giant mountain bikes to cheap quality locally made Indian and Chinese Bicycle and Mountain Bike rentals in Lalitpur. 

3. Mountain Bike and bicycle rental in Pokhara

Trek Remedy 8 mountain bike rental in Pokhara, Nepal.

Bike and bicycle rental in Pokhara is very popular because the playground for mountain biking and bicycles are very open Lakeshore, Riverbed, grassy trails, Cable car MTB Shuttle, Jeep shuttles, Rent, and ride Also there are so many Hills with superb views that you can rent and explore the peripheric of Pokhara valley and enjoy the mountain biking in Pokhara. There are many local and street vendors for cheap and okay mountain bike and Bicycle rentals. If you are looking for quality Mountain bikes you can get top-notched Trek Mountain bike, Giant Mountain Cross-country and All mountain bike, and Scott Mountain Bike rental Visit / Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures Pvt. Ltd. PMTBA have a huge range of mountain bike available for then Rental and tours, they can deliver the mountain bike rental for one day to multi-day rentals in all over Nepal. 

4. Mountain Bike and bicycle Rental in Chitwan

Chitwan National Park in Sauraha is one of the top ten destinations in Nepal for wildlife, Tharu Culture, flat farmland and cycling, and mountain rentals and rides in Nepal. There are plenty of trails on the Tharu farm, Ethnic villages, and community forest, Twenty thousand Lakes for recreational rides of your bicycle and mountain bikes. There are not many mountain bike shops around however, you can rent normal city bikes, cheap mountain bikes, and street vendor bicycles for Rentals. There are also Scooter and motorbike rentals that you can enjoy your day, overnight and multi-day rentals and tours in Chitwan, Sauraha, and Narayan Ghat.  If you like to rent Quality Mountain bikes check out / Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

5. Mountain Bike and Bicycle Rentals in Lumbini 

Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha (Siddharth Gautam) and its holy place and is best idea to have a bicycle rental and wander around and find the legacy of Buddhism in this palace. Its flat land and surrounding village are beautiful to explore with rental bicycles, there are no mountain bike rental shops if you really like to have mountain bike rental you need to come to either Butwal or NarayanGhat. However, their local vendors with Indian and Chinese-made cheap and decent bicycles are available for rentals. If you like to have proper mountain bike rentals in Lumbini and tours in Tansen, Palpa, Syangja, and Pokhara. Contact Mountain Bike Adventure Pvt. Ltd. They can provide your mountain bike rental and guided tours in this region. 

6. Mountain Bike and Bicycle Rental in Dharan

Trek Fuel Ex-5 mountain bike in Pokhara, Nepal.

Dharan is located in the east part of the Sunsari district and Koshi Province. It is an emerging city with a lot of tourist attractions and it's becoming a touristic place of domestic and international tourism in Nepal.  Its great news to share that the national local election in 2079 here in Dharan got a new mayor Harkha Sampang who is one of the emerging leaders introducing volunteer’s revolutionary in this region by getting a water pipeline to Dharan by pupils volunteering support. There are so many reasons and attractions to visit the Dharan and Sunsari district the eastern part of Nepal.  It is a great way to visit Dharan on a mountain bike and bicycle. There are some local bicycle rental shops and also a Mountain bike Rental shop in Dharan. Check out Tusk Mountain Bike and local cheap and decent bicycle rental places in Dharan. 

7. Mountain Bike Rental in Jomsom and Muktinath

Jomsom is the gateway to Upper Mustang and the head headquarters of the Mustang district. It is also the most popular tourist playground for outdoor adventure for hiking, trekking, trail running and mountain climbing, mountain biking, and a religious destination for local and international travelers. There are some beautiful trails for mountain biking such as Dumba loop trails, Windy Pass and Larjung trails are best for mountain biking. It is also the best leisurely ride from Jomsom to Marpha and Kagbeni is the short and sweet ride that anyone can enjoy. There is not much bike rental shop in Jomsom. If you like to rent and ride a bike you can contact a local shop or you can hire a mountain bike from Pokhara and ride to Jomsom.  You can contact Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure and another shop in Pokhara.


Muktinath is a popular place for trekking, hiking, climbing, and mountain biking for adventure lovers and for the religious traveler is a pilgrimage for Hindus, the Muktinath temple is where you will get Moksha and also for Buddhists for meditation.  Muktinath is one of the best places to get rest after the Throng-la 5416 Meter and for those who like to enjoy the thrill of a downhill mountain bike, they can have the best time on two wheels. There are one or two mountain bike rental shops in Muktinath and there are most of the time limited mountain bikes are available. It is recommended to have pre-booking for the bike rent in Muktinath or you also can hire mountain bikes from Pokhara where you will get the bikes available most of the time as there are few reliable Mountain Bike shops in Pokhara. 

8. Mountain Bike Rental and Bicycle in Hetauda

Giant Talon 1 mountain bike.

Hetauda is an emerging city situated in the heart of Nepal and is a charming place in Makawanpur district. Makawanpur offers many attractions where nature lovers can explore the nearby landscapes, including the lush forests of the Churiya Hills, forests and captivating landscapes and for Those who love spirituality can visit Indreshwar Mahadev Temple and many yoga and retreat places in the town, There are also a historical place called Gadhi at Makawanpur which has played significant role in the past. Bicycle rental is the best option to make a tour around to connect with nature and explore the attractions of Hetauda. There are local shops where you can find cheap bicycles to branded Mountain Bike rentals in Hetaunda.

9. Mountain Bike and Bicycle rental in Bandipur  

Bandipur is located in the Hilltop Beautiful town located in Tanahun district in Nepal. It’s a very popular destination for local and international travelers. it is popular for its beautiful landscapes and their surroundings, medieval villages, authentic lifestyles, and ethnic community. There is an opportunity to ride a bicycle there explore the attractions or ride from Bandipur to Pokhara, Chitwan, Manakamana, Gorkha, and Kathmandu is the best way to explore Bandipur by Bicycle rental and tours around. 
Bandipur, a Nepal hilltop town, invites adventurers and culture enthusiasts. Experience its beauty and culture through bike rentals. Choose mountain or city bikes from local shops or you can rent bicycles from Pokhara and Kathmandu and ride to Bandipur. Renting a bicycle and mountain bike you can explore the Attraction Highlights of Bandipur village in Nepal that includes; 

Silkworm Farm: Pedal to learn about silk production and witness the craft behind luxurious fabrics.

Tundikhel: Enjoy leisurely rides with Himalayan views in this grassy area.

Old Town: Bike through historic streets with traditional houses and friendly locals.

Bindyabasini Temple: Park and climb this serene hilltop temple for panoramic vistas.

Thani Mai: For adventure, bike to Thani Mai viewpoint for stunning panoramas.

Siddha Gufa: Brave Nepal's largest cave for a thrilling exploration.

Cultural Engagement: Connect with locals, visit museums, and enjoy traditional performances.

Get ready for an unforgettable Bandipur journey – pedal away!

10. Mountain Bike or Bicycle rental shops in Bardia National Park

Start on a wild adventure at Bardia National Park, Nepal, with the thrill of bicycle and mountain bike rentals. These two-wheeled companions open doors to unforgettable nature encounters and exciting escapades.

Choose bicycle or mountain bike rentals and dive into the untamed beauty of Bardia National Park. The journey becomes a memoir of thrilling exploits and cherished connections with nature's finest.
Note: It is highly recommended to be alert to go to the restricted area on the bicycle or mountain bike due to the potential harm to wildlife or to the human.  Please consult with your tour operator, guide, or hotel about where and when you can visit the national park with your bicycle. 

Bicycle Rental:

Feel the park's heartbeat on a rented bicycle, embracing eco-friendly exploration. Pedal at your own pace, absorbing the diverse biodiversity. The serene trail hum immerses you in nature's symphony, offering glimpses of birds, wildlife, and lush vegetation.

Mountain Bike Rental:

For the daring souls, mountain bike rentals present an adrenaline rush. Conquer rugged trails, cross streams, and weave through dense forests. Unleash adventure, accessing hidden corners where wildlife like deer and wild boars roam, and perhaps even catching a glimpse of the elusive Bengal tiger.
There are local Bicycle shop for cheap and decent mountain bikes and bicycle rentals in all the places mentioned above.  if you are looking for a branded mountain bike you should come with your own bike or you can rent top-notched bikes ( Trek, Scott, Giant and Polygon) in Kathmandu or Pokhara. If you need further info please consult with Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure at We wish you a safe and wonderful mountain biking tours in Nepal. 

Mountain Bike Rental Price in Nepal

The Cheapest Bikes for Rental

The rental price for the mountain bikes in Nepal is not fixed. However, the quality, the components and the brand of the mountain bike are the main factors to determine the rental price in Nepal. The mountain bike rental price for branded mountain bikes in Nepal ranges from $15 to $95 per day, whereas, the non-branded or inexpensive bicycles are priced at $5 to $10 per day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the cheapest bicycle rental options in Nepal?

The cheapest bicycle rentals in Nepal can range from $5 to $15 USD per day, depending on the brand, model, condition, and geometry of the bicycles. 

2. What are the most expensive mountain bike rentals in Nepal?

The most expensive mountain bike rentals in Nepal can range from $55 to $95 USD per day, depending on the quality and brand of the bikes, such as Trek, Giant, Scott, Specialized, Santacruz, Kona, Polygon, and more expensive than normal Chinese and Indian made Bikes. 

3. How much does a normal mountain bike rental cost in Nepal?

A normal mountain bike rental in Nepal can start from $15 USD  to 35 USD per day for branded bikes, such as Trek bikes, Giant Bikes, Scott bikes,  Kona bikes, Specialized bikes, and more.

4. Are there E-MTB (Electric Mountain Bike) Rentals available in Nepal?

Yes, E-MTB rentals are available in Pokhara and Kathamandu in limited sizes and numbers with high-end brands. It's best to inquire with Mountain Bike Premium rental shops in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
Check out with

5. Where can I find the top ten mountain bike rental places in Nepal and their prices?

The top ten mountain bike and bicycle rental places in Nepal, along with their prices ranging from $15 USD to $95 USD per day, are listed below:

Kathmandu: Offers a variety of mountain bike rental options, including Trek, Giant, and Scott, with a wide price range.

Lalitpur: Provides options for both high-end mountain bikes and Cheap Indian and Chinese-made bicycles.

Pokhara: Popular for its diverse terrain, offering both local and top-quality mountain bike rentals.

Chitwan: Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, offering city bikes, cheap mountain bikes, and street vendor bicycles for rent.

Lumbini: Offers flat terrain for exploring on rental bicycles, and guided mountain bike tours are available.

Dharan: An emerging city with local bicycle rental shops and mountain bike rentals.

Jomsom and Muktinath: Ideal for mountain biking enthusiasts with scenic trails; bike rental options may be limited contact local vendors or hire from Pokhara at Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures.

Hetauda: Offers a range of bicycles, from cheap to branded mountain bikes, for exploring the region.

Bandipur: A picturesque town where you can rent bicycles or mountain bikes to explore the area's attractions.

Bardia National Park: Allows for bicycle and mountain bike rentals, but visitors should be cautious in restricted areas to protect wildlife.

6. Which mountain bike brands are available for rent in Nepal?

Various mountain bike brands are available for rent in Nepal, including Trek, Scott, Giant, Specialized, Santacruz, Kona, Polygon, and more. Availability may vary by location.

7. Is there a dual-suspension bike rental option in Nepal, and what is the price?

Yes, dual-suspension bike rentals are available in Nepal, and their cost can range from $55 to $85 USD per day, depending on the quality and model of the dual-suspension bikes. Prices may vary by brand and location.

8. How can I find quality MTB rentals in Nepal?

You can find quality mountain bike rentals in Nepal at reputable shops like Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures Pvt. Ltd. They offer a wide range of mountain bikes for rent and guided tours across Nepal.

9. What is the starting cost of renting a simple mountain bike in Nepal?

The starting cost for renting a simple mountain bike in Nepal begins at $15 USD per day for branded bikes.

10. Where can I rent a mountain bike in Kathmandu, Nepal?

In Kathmandu, you can rent mountain bikes from various shops, including Trek Mountain Bike Shop, Giant Mountain Bike Shop, Scott Mountain Bike Shop, and several local bicycle rental shops. Ensure you check the bike's mechanical condition before renting.

11. What is the cost of renting a bicycle in Nepal?

The cost of renting a normal bicycle in Nepal can start from as low as $5 USD to $10 USD per day, depending on the type and condition of the bicycle. Such types of bicycles are made for means of transportation.

12. Can I rent a mountain bike in Jomsom and Muktinath?

Yes, you can rent mountain bikes in Jomsom and Muktinath, but availability may be limited. It's advisable to pre-book if possible, or you can rent from Pokhara, where reliable mountain bike shops are available.

13. Is there a mountain bike rental shop in Bandipur, and how can I explore the area on a bike?

Yes/No, There are a few mountain bike companies from Ktm and Pokhara offering rental options in Bandipur. You can explore the picturesque town and its attractions by renting a mountain bike locally or renting one from Pokhara or Kathmandu and riding to Bandipur.

14. Can I rent bicycles or mountain bikes in Bardia National Park?

Yes, you can rent bicycles or mountain bikes in Bardia National Park. However, please be cautious when entering restricted areas to protect wildlife. Consult with your tour operator, guide, or hotel for guidance on where and when you can use your bike within the national park.

15. What is the price range for bicycle rentals in Bardia National Park?

Bicycle rentals in Bardia National Park can provide an eco-friendly exploration option. Prices for bicycle rentals may vary, so it's best to inquire locally for current rates.

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