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Dhan Bahadur Baral

We are delighted to introduce Dhan Baral, our skilled and experienced Jeep driver at Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure. Dhan's expertise and qualifications make him an invaluable asset to our team. With his extensive experience in the tourism industry of Nepal, he is certified to provide safe and reliable transportation services.  During our guided mountain biking holidays, we offer the convenience of private Jeep support. Dhan serves as our dedicated driver, ensuring that our luggage and essential belongings are securely transported. Additionally, for those who may need a helping hand or a temporary break from biking, Dhan is there with a backup vehicle to provide assistance. With Dhan's dependable four-wheel Jeep, we can ride our bikes freely, knowing that our belongings are in good hands.  One of the greatest benefits of having Dhan on our team is his ability to drop off our luggage at the guest house before we even arrive. This thoughtful service allows us to focus on enjoying our biking adventures without the burden of carrying our belongings throughout the journey.  Dhan has been a trusted Jeep driver for Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure Pvt. Ltd., providing shuttle services for mountain bikers as well as supporting our full-package premium mountain biking holidays in Nepal. His reliable and professional service ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for our guests.  With Dhan as our Jeep driver, we can confidently set on our mountain biking tours, knowing that he will efficiently transport our belongings and provide the necessary assistance when needed.