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Dhan Magar is an integral part of PMTBA (Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure), and a key member of the Nepal Mountain Bike team. With years of experience as a senior guide, Dhan has explored and led trails in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. He has ridden in iconic locations such as Annapurna, Kathmandu, Langtang, Peaky Peak, Manaslu, Upper Mustang, and Classic Nepal.  Dhan's knowledge and expertise in mountain biking are unparalleled. He is highly regarded as the father of mountain biking in Pokhara, where he has actively contributed to the development of trails by advising local cycling associations and government bodies. His passion and dedication have been instrumental in creating a vibrant mountain biking community in the region. PMTBA takes great pride in having such a knowledgeable and experienced individual on our team.  Dhan is not only a skilled rider but also an exceptional guide, mechanic, and a trusted life-saver in challenging terrains. He knows how to create a fun and thrilling atmosphere during your mountain biking, hiking, outdoor adventure, or trekking experience in Nepal. You can fully rely on Dhan to make your mountain biking and outdoor adventure holiday in Nepal truly remarkable.  Additionally, Dhan holds various qualifications and certifications that further enhance his expertise. He has received a trekking and mountain biking guide certificate from the National Ministry, MBC UK Coach certification, and is recognized as a trail leader by the Mountain Pro-Rider Association. Furthermore, he has obtained a commissar certificate from UCI, adding to his extensive list of achievements. With more than two decades of experience in mountain biking in the Himalayas, Dhan's combination of academic knowledge and practical expertise makes him the perfect guide to accompany you on your mountain biking vacation in Nepal.