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We are thrilled to introduce Isha Rai, a remarkable addition to the mountain biking and tourism industry in Nepal. Isha is an energetic, humble, humorous, and dedicated rider who has joined our team at PMTBA. Despite completing her +2 education, she chose to pursue a career as a mountain biking and trekking guide, and she has been with us for over a year.  Recently, Isha obtained her trekking and mountain biking guide certification from the tourism ministry and tourism board of Nepal. Her love for riding extends to both group and solo adventures in and around Pokhara. As an assistant guide, she has provided valuable support to senior riders, and she is fully capable of leading day tours, overnight trips, and multi-day tours in Pokhara and the Mustang regions.  We are proud to have Isha on our well-qualified team, and her passion, dedication, and motivation are propelling her towards great heights in this industry. She even secured a third-place position in a local race organized by a youth club, demonstrating her talent and determination.  Having a young and dedicated girl like Isha promotes mountain biking, cycling, and encourages more girls to enter the tourism industry in Nepal. We are delighted to support her and look forward to witnessing her continued success.