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Meet Laxman Sunar, a skilled and passionate mountain biking guide in the Himalayas who will accompany you on your expedition and mountain biking vacation in Nepal.  Laxman is a remarkable individual with strong leadership qualities, making him a valuable asset to PMTBA. His extensive knowledge spans various areas, including mountain biking, culture, topography, and history. With over a decade of experience, he has successfully led numerous mountain biking and trekking expeditions in regions like Annapurna, Manaslu, Dolpo, and Upper Mustang.  Laxman's expertise is not limited to academic qualifications but is also rooted in practical experience. He is a dedicated rider and a nature enthusiast, always seeking to explore the trails and mountains. Rest assured, he prioritizes your safety, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable mountain biking experience.  As a qualified mountain biking and trekking guide certified by the government of Nepal, Laxman has also completed the MBC, UK trail leader course and received training in mountain management. He is the perfect companion during your mountain biking expedition, eager to share ideas and create a wonderful and unforgettable stay for you.  With Laxman by your side, you can trust that your mountain biking vacation in Nepal will be filled with excitement, adventure, and cherished memories.