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Introducing Suman B.K, a professional mountain biking guide in the Himalayas, ready to make your expedition and mountain biking vacation in Nepal an unforgettable experience.  Suman possesses exceptional skills in tackling enduro and all-mountain trails. He has been qualified MTB guide license holder from the tourism ministry and tourism broad of Nepal. His expertise allows him to navigate challenging terrains with ease. More than just his riding abilities, Suman has a caring and nurturing nature. When you embark on a holiday with him, you can rest assured that he will prioritize your joy, safety, and fun.  Suman is a product of PMTBA, having received comprehensive training from the team. He has had the privilege to ride alongside renowned riders and acquire a wealth of skills to conquer various trails. Every rider who has spent time with Suman is proud and delighted to have him as their companion during their dream holiday.  The PMTA team takes immense pride in having a dedicated and supportive group of professionals who prioritize the safety, satisfaction, and enjoyment of our riders from all over the world. For Suman, the Himalayas and its secret trails are his playground. He has achieved numerous titles in local races held in Pokhara and Syangja and has participated in national competitions.  Beyond his passion for mountain biking, Suman also takes care of all accounting and logistics for PMTBA. He plays a vital role in ensuring the team functions seamlessly. Witnessing his smile at the end of each ride brings joy to all. With Suman as your guide for mountain biking tours in Nepal, you can trust that your dream holiday is in capable hands.  Prepare to start on a thrilling adventure, relying on Suman's expertise to make your mountain biking experience in Nepal an absolute success.