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Introducing Sujan Adhikari, your professional mountain biking guide in the Himalayas for an unforgettable expedition and mountain biking vacation in Nepal.  Sujan is known for his loyalty, humility, and exceptional skills as an enduro rider. With over a decade of experience in mountain biking, he has honed his abilities to conquer any trail in the region. He frequently explores the trails in his own backyard and has sought guidance from the PMTBA team to enhance his expertise. Sujan has already taken on the role of a tour leader in the Mustang region and Pokhara Valley, showcasing his capabilities as a young rider.  Not only is Sujan a talented rider, but he is also a qualified mountain biking and trekking guide licensed by the tourism ministry of Nepal. He serves as an inspiration to his generation, promoting mountain biking culture among secondary and bachelor-level youths in Nepal. Sujan has achieved local recognition by winning the enduro downhill championship and has even participated in national and international mountain biking races held in Nepal.  Choosing Sujan as your professional mountain biking guide allows you to witness the growth and emergence of mountain biking among the youth in Nepal. His knowledge extends beyond biking, as he is well-versed in local culture, weather conditions, topography, and ensuring the utmost care for his guests during organized tours in Nepal.  Riding alongside Sujan will be a delight, as he unveils the secret trails and shares his passion for mountain biking. With his guidance, your mountain biking holiday in Nepal is bound to be a wonderful and memorable experience.