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Pokhara to Kathmandu mountain biking

Explore Nepal's Beauty and Diversity on a Thrilling Mountain Biking Tour!

NRs. 256,230

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291 Km


9 Nights 10 Days

Tour Type

Double Track

Two mountain bikers are rolling down to Dhading Besi through the pine forest biking trail.

Enjoy the ride through country path that offers a huge opportunity to witness the hospitality of the local people along with the amazing landscapes and the mountain sceneries.
Highlights From the tour:

  • Exotic culture

  • Adrenaline-Pumping  Adventure 

  • Crossing popular rivers of Nepal

  • Everyday Awe-Inspiring Surprises as we Cruise Through Diverse Terrain and Scenery 

  • Glimpse of Mountain Ranges 

  • Lively villages and amazing people 

"Get ready for the ultimate mountain biking adventure that leads you through authentic villages, colorful towns and exotic culture? "

Mountain biking tour from Pokhara to Kathmandu via the mid-hills country side is an authentic and thrilling cycling experience in Nepal. The tour provides an opportunity to explore incredible sights, from breathtaking mountain vistas to picturesque rural villages, in unforgettable landscapes that encapsulate natural beauty, cultural diversity, and historical significance.
This journey is complete with vehicle support, allowing cyclists to fully absorb their surroundings with all belongings safely transported by the following vehicle. During the ride, travelers can expect a mix of terrain ranging from dirt roads and scenic village roads to muddy and dusty trails. Popular locations include Begnas Lake, Bhorletar, Lamjung, Gorkha, Dhading, Trishuli and Shivpuri. All levels of bikers are welcomed as the terrain ranges in difficulty level with the added convenience of transport access.
Kick-off on this unique adventure for an unmatched opportunity to escape the city and immerse yourself in local culture and landscape. Don't miss out on this exciting chance to explore Nepal as you never have before!

Pokhara to Kathmandu back street mountain bike trail map.

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Basic Package price starting at

NRs. 256,230

Inclusion & Exclusion

Airport Pick up on arrival and drop off after the trip

Hardtail Mountain bike and gears (please ask specification after letting us your bike size)

Total Price

NRs. 256,230

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Itinerary & Bookings

Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu Airport
Day 2: Kathmandu to Pokhara as per the Package
Day 3: Biking around Pokhara
Day 4: Bike from Pokhara to Bhorletar
Day 5: Bike from Bhorletar to Sundar Bazaar (1406m)
Day 6: Bike from Sundar Bazaar to Gorkha (1200m)
Day 7: Bike from Gorkha to Aarughat (700m)
Day 8: Bike from Aarughat to Dhading Beshi (620m)
Day 9: Bike from Dhading to Trishuli (663m)
Day 10: Bike from Trishuli to Kathmandu via Shivapuri (1500m)

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